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For the care of some chronic conditions, the assistance of multiple doctors and healthcare providers is necessary. For example, the general practitioner in collaboration with a dietitian and a physiotherapist or exercise therapist.
This is called integrated care.


Medi-Mere has 4 programs for integrated care:

The care in these chains is based on so-called care standards. A care standard is a description agreed upon by healthcare providers of the care a insured person should receive for a specific condition. This standard serves as the basis for the care the insured receives and who provides this care. Naturally, the care is tailored to the wishes, needs, and expectations of the individual patient.

What is an individual care plan?

The goal is to enable a good quality of life despite your condition. To achieve this, it is necessary to make agreements with you about the health goals you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve them. In the individual care plan, you make these agreements together with your general practitioner and practice nurse.


It is determined what care and treatment you need and what you can do yourself. The care plan also outlines how often you will see the general practitioner and the practice nurse. It is also agreed which other therapists will be involved and what is expected of them. The individual care plan will be a success if you cooperate with the care team to achieve the set goals. The practice nurse will often be your coach and will adjust the care plan with you and the general practitioner as necessary.

Digital where possible, physical when necessary

As a rule, almost all controls can take place digitally. The Cloud integrated care of Medi-Mere also assumes that the controls are primarily set up digitally. We use various forms and make use of two care portals (MedGemak and Spreekuur.nl) as a means of communication with our practice supporters.


Of course, in certain cases, you can come to the consultation hour of the practice supporter or, if necessary, the practice supporter can visit you.

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