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Is your question not listed? Please feel free to contact us. CloudKetenZorg is here for you.

Why CloudKetenZorg?

CloudKetenZorg is an online healthcare platform designed to provide you with the convenience of asking healthcare questions from anywhere, at any time.


At CloudKetenZorg, our core principle is to offer round-the-clock digital responses to your healthcare questions when possible. However, of a healthcare issues requires it, we are fully equipped to provide physical consultations as well.


Assisted by a digital doctor’s assistant, responses are tailored according to urgency. These may include healthcare advice, e-consultations, or video calls. Throughout the process, a general practitioner oversees and monitors the advice provided.


A “CloudPatient” has constant digital access to our services for any healthcare questions, with the flexibility to schedule video call consultations, request prescription refills, and access portions of their medical records, along with all correspondence from specialists through CloudKetenZorg.


Advantages of CloudKetenZorg

  • Provides a quick result
  • You know exactly where you stand
  • Saves time for both the patient and the doctor

How does CloudKetenZorg work?

CloudKetenZorg identifies what you need to receive appropriate care. It also assesses who can treat themselves, who needs virtual assistance, who needs a physical appointment, and who needs urgent help. This allows for quick, targeted, and specific care to be provided to everyone.


With the help of CloudKetenZorg’s digital doctor’s assistant, symptoms can be detected early. CloudKetenZorg’s triage tool evaluates the urgency level through a questionnaire. Based on that, patients quickly receive the right help and treatment.


You can make a virtual appointment with your general practitioner through CloudKetenZorg. This saves patients a lot of time. You don’t need to travel to the doctor’s office, wait in a waiting room, and then travel back home. However, physical appointments are always available if preferred.

What can CloudKetenZorg do?

  • As a patient, you have access to healthcare support 24/7 via Spreekuur.nl.
  • As a patient, you can create an account for yourself or your child(ren).
  • As a patient, you have the option to select from various complaint categories, including 23 for adults, 13 for children, and general inquiries such as address changes.
  • As a patient, you have the option to perform a self-diagnosis online with the help of our digital doctor’s assistant. This assistant asks various questions that you as a patient need to answer. These are fully developed in accordance with the NHG (Dutch College of General Practitioners) guidelines and NTS (Dutch Triage Standard) standards.
  • You have the option to submit photos.
  • If required, you have the option to engage in a chat with the general practitioner. The necessity for this is determined by the digital doctor’s assistant.
  • As a patient, you can always read back the digital consultation.
  • The general practitioner has access to your help request, photo, and completed questionnaire.
  • You will receive an SMS notification when the consultation begins.
  • Quick responses via chat are provided through smart messages tailored to your complaint area. The general practitioner sends these messages.
  • If needed, you’ll also receive instructional videos to facilitate self-care.

I'm not very good with computers. Is CloudKetenZorg something for me?

CloudKetenZorg is best suited for patients who are proficient with computers, as it primarily operates as a digital doctor’s assistant and delivers its services digitally.

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